Abundance is a Feeling

Abundance is a feeling and when I close my eyes, it looks in my mind like these two photos merged together into one.  It is a word which is often spoken in conjunction with the notion of flow, conveying its power of movement and freedom.  There is an ease and continuity which is unhalted by anything that might block its pathway.  It is the choice to turn away from the feeling, and conversation, of lack, and retrain the mind to feel plentiful, perhaps even before the plenty is before you.  It is the new moon in Taurus, which arrived over the weekend.  It is the Abundance tarot card I drew this morning.  It’s the dime that was on my subway seat, and the check that arrived today in the mail.  It is Farrell’s “morning abundance song,” which I guarantee, if you had heard would render you rich for days to come.  It is the faith that you already have, and will continue to receive, everything you will ever need.

Urban Souls via here

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