Ms. Clean

Ever since I was little I have loved makeup. When I was 5 I would put on my grandmas lipstick before I went over to ask the neighbor boys to play. I spent most of my teenage years in my room trying different looks. It’s just my thing.My love for makeup and my attraction to a chemical free lifestyle clashed after reading No More Dirty Looks (check out their blog, I read it every day).

Heres a list of my 5 favorite toxin free makeup products:

1. This lip2cheek lifesaver is perfect for any season. It leaves me with a blushy glow.

2. This is my most recent purchase and I love it. Its one of the best bpa free mascaras that I have found. *Not 100% all natural

3. This concealer is perfect for under your eyes and to cover blemishes.

4. This palette has been a god send! I carry it with my everywhere and mix and match colors for my every day look.

5. I use coconut oil for everything, but I mostly use it every night before bed to remove my makeup. It hydrates my skin and gets me ready for bed before I wash my face.

Check your beauty products for chemicals at

What are some of your favorite all natural products?

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    • Lauren said:

      I’m not but Farrell might be. I’ll check out the site. Thanks.

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