Web series are all over the place (meaning the internet) these days. Here are some that have really kept my interest.

High Maintenance 

I love this series and how they show a different person every time. It makes for a perfect web series.


Be Here Nowish 

It is funny and real and weird


Tangents and the Times

Not only because Monster Rally is all over this series, but because I like it and don’t like it at the same time.



When I asked Lauren’s friends and family what they loved about her, here is what they had to say:

Her maturity and shyness

She is the one person in my life who will accept me for whatever I am, that puts no pressure on me, and trusts me. She is so calming. Also, awkward but awesome. 

Her sense of right and wrong and her practice 

Her sweetness

Her self assuredness. And her empathy for almost anyone else’s struggles in life. 

Her grace

Her ability to make anyone feel comfortable. And also, she shows up. She’s one of the most loyal people I know.

Her sense of humor (so many people’s response)

Her smile

Her spirit

Her sense of adventure

Her willingness to be spontaneous

Her kind and sensitive and caring soul

Her ability to kindly and gently offer another perspective that I might not always be open to

Her ever and continued presence in my life

Her love of kids

I love when she has a straight face and then thinks something is funny and gets the cutest inside joke smile. Also, watch out for her puns. She will slay you!

Her style

Her HIGH-LARIOUS sense of humor

and quite simply, her.

I love that she always has a great story to tell.

I love her always calm demeanor, can do attitude and kind heart.

She’s secretly the biggest badass I know. She’s not afraid to put herself out there. Her adventurous spirit, her accepting and loyal friendship, her ridiculously amazing and often self deprecating sense of humor, her imitation-worthy fashion sense. Her drive to constantly live a better, more wholesome life.  She is an everyday inspiration on how I can live my own life more fully.

I love how beautiful she is.

How inspiring she is.

Her spontaneity, deep thinking and unique and awesome sense of humor. Her sense of style is also enviable.

Her ability to meet anyone and get to know them without judgement

That she is the best listener I’ve ever met and always gives thoughtful responses, even to the most self-indulgent comments/questions!

That she is a smartass, like me!

Her wicked sense of humor- especially expressed while on the dance floor 🙂

Happy Birthday, Lauren. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better sister.

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