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Today is our grandmother’s 98th birthday! And to celebrate this truly incredible woman, we are reposting one of our favorite posts from way back on Sister Disco, Conversation Tips from Our Grandma, Mommom.

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December 1, 2011 – Our grandmother is 94 years old. She is the queen of getting herself out of tough conversations and giving responses that say everything and nothing at all. These are her best responses that have become invaluable to us and have turned into life lessons and tips throughout the years. We wanted to share them with you:

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“Why not?”

It doesn’t matter if I am ordering an ice cream cone at 8 a.m. or trying on a ball gown just for the fun of it, her first response to me is most often, “Why not?”  On occasion, “Why not” is replaced with “Might as well.”  I could not count how many times this phrase has come to mind whenever I have nothing to say.

“Fouled up”

This is a lady’s way of using the F word. When we want to be a lady but also want to say F word, just say that the situation is “fouled up,” just sayin. This works to describe pretty much any messy situation: untangle-able jewelry, a broken kitchen disposal, or a complicated family dynamic. All of these things can be categorized as “fouled up.”

“I thought so”

This response comes in handy when, frankly, you don’t want to look like an ass. After every question you ask but feel like you should already know the answer, make sure to respond with, “I thought so.”  You will forever seem like you knew what you were talking about.

“tricky trick”

This is the favorite and most commonly replicated in our family. Usually after someone brings up a tough situation and you aren’t sure what to say, “tricky trick” is always in your back pocket. The hard part is not using it too many times in one conversation. This is why there are many variations on the phrase. For example, when a situation is too “fouled up” to talk about any more, you can say, “On to the next trick!”  This both ends the conversation and provides the wisdom that there will always be another “tricky trick” down the road, so don’t get too bogged down on the one right in front of you. “Tricky trick” can also serve as a boiler plate for similarly worded phrases such as “funny fun,” “spooky spook,” “nifty nift,” “rainy rain” and so on. You get the idea.

So those are just a few conversation tools that will help you along this holiday season filled with fouled up conversations! Feel free to give ‘em a try and let us know how they went over.


(photo via That Kind of Woman)

This week I opened an Etsy shop, The Disco Emporium, for the vintage clothes I’ve been thrifting out here in Los Angeles and I’m really excited to share it with you today!  Thumbnail photos of all available items are up on our shop page and I will continue to update that space as new additions are added to Etsy.

Below are a few styling inspiration photos for three of the available items.  I will be sharing more along these lines on Instagram @thediscoemporium.  I hope you’ll follow along!


Right inspiration photo via here


Left inspiration photo via here


Right inspiration photo via here

Should anything strike your fancy, we’re offering a free shipping code to readers.  Enter coupon code SISTERDISCO at check-out.

[posted by Lauren]

Since Lauren has been here I have really been trying to make our house a home.  It can be hard because neither Albert or I really like to get “things.”  We like to live a simple and minimal life.  We struggle with purchasing things unless we REALLY love them and in turn we end up mostly with random items and hand-me-downs.  There is also a bit of an identity crisis that comes up when trying to decorate your home.  You really have to ask yourself, who am I?  What do I like?  So far, there have been a couple of things I have seen that have kept me inspired and ready to chug along with the process.

Image found via Remodelista

Image found via Remodelista


Image found via A Beautiful Mess

Image found via ABJ Glassworks

Image found via ABJ Glassworks

Image found via Bohomixology

Image found via Bohomixology

I will keep you all posted on the apartment transformation! It is the little adjustments that count.

[posted by Farrell]

I had a conversation last week with a woman who studies feng shui.  We were waiting together at a bus stop and struck up a conversation that started as small talk, then moved on to all sorts of deeper topics.  While we were talking about her study of feng shui, she said something that has really stuck with me.  She said that there needs to be some element of imperfection in a space, otherwise a ‘perfect’ energy will just continue to flow without disruption, thereby becoming boring or stagnant. That was the jist of it anyway, and it makes so much sense to me.  The most compelling art and music always has at least one element that breaks the rules, and the most interesting people and relationships are never completely perfect.  We wouldn’t want them to be.  It isn’t a matter of attaining perfection but rather of creating harmony.

[posted by Lauren]

We are super excited to announce the grand opening of our new online store, The Disco Emporium.  Incorporating a shop component to Sister Disco has been a longtime desire of ours and we hope you will like what you see!  As a starting point, the shop will be primarily stocked with hand selected items offered through affiliate programs.  In the coming months, we’ll be expanding to include more unique items from independent retailers.  If you are interested in partnering with us to sell your products through our storefront, drop us a line!



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