Coast to Coast

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Frida the Queen of Selfies @fishwithbraids #artsinactionbushwick #morganwalls

F: What is one thing that you have learned about yourself this past year?

L: I’ve learned that once I spend a little time somewhere, I always feel like that is where I should stay. Makes for a funny way to experience moving around as much as I have been.

F: What are you most looking forward to?

L: The possibility of my dreams becoming reality.

F: What is your favorite way to express yourself?

L: Decorating a space.

F: If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

L: Back to Bali! Oh, do you mean more like another time?! Hmmm, maybe I’d check out the bohemian scene in Paris in the 1930s.

F: Have you been listening to any music? Care to share?

L: I’ve been feeling pretty off my game on the musical front. I’ve been waiting for a new (or old) album or artist to draw me in and completely knock my socks off.

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