Pass It On



1.) August Horoscope (via Astrology Zone) Guess what?! Everyone’s best day of the year is August 26th. If you haven’t read your horoscope for this month yet, I suggest you do. –Farrell

2.) On the Road (via Spotify) I made a playlist based on my Shazams from my recent drive between Cleveland and NYC.  I really love Shazam! -Lauren

3.) 12 Tips for Living a Long Life (via New York Times) Some of these tips are awesome and some not so much. I can definately get down with #1.  –Farrell

4.) What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You (via PureWow) I still have puppies on the brain and am thinking hard about what kind would best suit me.  -Lauren

5.) 23 of the Pacific Northwests Best Destinations (via Trips to Discover) This article got me SO fired up about going to Vancouver and Seattle next week. –Farrell

6.) NYC Guide (via loveTaza) These short NYC neighborhood videos are so good for covering the best local eats and stops in a number of New York neighborhoods.

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