Coast to Coast


L: You’ve got some travel coming up.  Are you excited?

F: I am excited! I feel kind of like it is the last thing I am thinking about at this moment. We are going to celebrate my dearest friend Julie’s birthday in Montana and then going to explore around the Pacific Northwest afterwards. It is going to be so fun!

L: Have you been to my favorite ice cream spot, Sweet Rose Creamery, since you’ve been back in Santa Monica?  If so, what is their latest flavor?

F: Oh yes, I sure have. Right now they have dairy free blueberry soft served and brown sugar swirl! It is nowhere near as good as the grapefruit. They will bring that back! Don’t you worry.

L: Did you set your appointment with Home Polish?

F: I am feeling somewhat frustrated with Home Polish right now because I tried to book an appointment 3 weeks ago but have not heard back. I am hoping I am singing a different tune after our appointment.

L: What do you think are the key ingredients for throwing a quality dinner party?

F: Great company, great music, great food, great lighting and great spirits.

L: We’ve been a little loose on our blog schedule lately.  How do you think we should reclaim our mojo?

F: I think for right now since it is such a period of transition is that we need to be kind to ourselves and let it be ok. Once there is a bit more stability, we can focus on mojo. Maybe that was a horrible answer.

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