Pass It On



1.) Excerpts from Philosophers’ Breakup Letters Throughout History (via The New Yorker) Quick and very entertaining read!  -Lauren

2.) How Women Undermine Themselves With Words (via GOOP) This was such a timely and powerful article to come across as I had just had coffee with an amazing group of women and this same topic came up. Girl power!  –Farrell

3.) Andrew Bird playing and singing in a canyon (via Austin Kleon) I had to check this out as this Andrew Bird album remains one of my all time faves!  -Lauren

4.) The Thousand Year Journey (via Vimeo) This was the most inspiring thing that I saw this week. I really needed to see it when I did. –Farrell

5.) Marc Maron’s Podcast with President Barak Obama (via WTF) I have always loved Barack Obama as a person and I loved listening to this podcast on my early morning walk. –Farrell

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