Pass It On



1.) The Hipster is Dead (via Mashable) This article is funny but true. It really stops to make you think, “Am I one of these people?” –Farrell

2.) Email Organization (via DesignLoveFest)  “Stop using your inbox as a to-do list.”  Guilty, as charged.  -Lauren

3.) Resolving to Create a New You (via The New York Times) This article is like listening to a rant/speech from a best friend that you walk away from and feel like you really want to do the things you committed to do. –Farrell

4.) The Hipster is Dead (via Mashable)  This one ended up on both of our lists this week.  Like sister, like sister?!  -Lauren

5.) Why Indigenous Cultures Don’t Have Back Pain (via NPR) This quick radio story about back pain is really interesting and I found it helpful for my own posture. –Farrell

6.) ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Shocked After Some Little Goblin Or Something Killed Off In Last Night’s Episode (via The Onion)  I’ve only ever watched one episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ but this title still cracked me up. -Lauren

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