New York, New York


photo via LIFE Magazine

I’m so excited to be heading back to NYC this week to check in on my apartment, catch up with friends and set up Disco Emporium shop at the Hester Street Fair and Artists & Fleas Williamsburg market this coming weekend!  I’ve been gone from New York for almost five months, just shy of the six month hiatus I took to India in 2005.  I remember being so anxious to get back into my life at that time; and I was shocked at how little things seemed to have changed in the city while I was away.  I feel a bit like I gave up the concept of home when I started Airbnb-ing my apartment last fall and moving around every few weeks/months, so I’m curious to see how it feels to be back in New York and in my apartment this time around.  I don’t have that same longing to dive-in, head first to the fast-paced New York lifestyle that I did when I was 25.  But then again, I am returning this time at a very different phase of life and New York is nothing if not full of endless possibility.

If you are in NYC and around this weekend, come say hello!

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