Pass It On



1.) Strong Daughters in Photos (via Mind Body Green) A collection of one photographer’s daughters that shows their strengths and imperfections and the beauty of it all. –Farrell

2.) First Hologram Protest in History Held Against Spain’s Gag Law (via Revolution News)  I love this!  -Lauren

3.) Happy Labor Day (via Preserve) It doesn’t really matter what link you to go on this site, Blake Lively’s aesthetic and point of view are really amazing! I love the rustic feel to it all. –Farrell

4.) Cleveland City Guide (via Tasting Table) I have a lot of stops to make when I’m back home!  -Lauren

5.) Holding a Grudge (via Psychology Today) After reading this article, who wants to feel this way?! Not me. –Farrell

6.) Coloring Books for Adults (via Austin Kleon) This was interesting to me for a number of reasons including this on from Austin Kleon, “…helping other people feel creative can be way more lucrative than actually being creative.”  -Lauren

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