Pass It On



1.) Plant Care: Spring Repotting (via The Sill) “cause it’s getting to be that time of year!  -LF

2.) Too Hard to Keep (via Vice) is the best idea for a photo series. You know those photos that you just can’t stand look at anymore? Well sumbit them to this photographer to be part of his series. -FF

3.) Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave (via TED)  Someone shared this talk on my Facebook feed this week.  It’s an important topic and worthwhile watch for all of us.  -LF

4.) Artist Caves of New Mexico (via SF Globe)  This artist has dedicated over 25 years of his life creating works of art in caves. Watch this video and be blown away by this man’s life’s work.  -FF

5.) susan miller, astrology queen, answers all our questions (via NYLON)  For you other readers out there.  -LF

6.) Little Girl Dancing (via Youtube)  Guess what!?  Tomorrow is Friday and we should all learn how to dance to this song like this little girl.  -FF

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