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I’ve gotten back into a little bit of a yoga routine since being in Los Angeles.  At the last class I was in the teacher talked about comparing yourself to your past self.  It is so easy to stubbornly hold yourself to a previous standard, yet doing so can intrinsically set you up to fail (or injure yourself) as it ignores what currently is.  It amazes me how much information our bodies give us if we can honestly accept & act on where we are, and what we’re feeling, at any given moment.

I stopped working three months ago today and (mostly thanks to AirBnB) have been living an elongated & unstructured period between what I was and what I will be.  This was a useful lesson for me:

Resist comparison of your current self to your past self.  Turn your attention to your body.  From a place of ease, move forward from where you actually are.


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