Pass It On



1.)  Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party  (via Amy Smart Girls) is an awesome site about learning to be a better member of the community while laughing.  -Farrell

2.)  Infographic: Your Obsession with “Serial” (via Fast Company) – Visualized had my friends and I cracking up.  Particularly the “Tweets About Serial” Chart.  “It’s an Ad for Best Buy!”  -Lauren

3.)  Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot are a couple I have been following for years. Their pictures of Peru completely take me back to that wonderful country.  –Farrell

4.)  What You’re Feeling Is Between You and You (via Julia Cowell) is an interesting read on tapping into your body’s physiological experiences in your relationships with others.  I became familiar with Julia Cowell from this interview, “Relationship Is a Skill.”  I think anyone could benefit from listening to this.   -Lauren

5.)  Tony Robbin’s TED Talk (via  “Why We Do What We Do” is always a good reminder.  –Farrell

6.)  Top 15 Songs in Wes Anderson Movies (via Revolver) Fun listen!  -Lauren

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