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Ever since I was little I have loved the moon. I have memories of making the drive from my grandmother’s house and following the moon (or was it following me?) the entire way home. It wasn’t until I was a little bit older that Suz and I made the connection that we both really loved the moon. Ever since then, she and I would call each other every time the moon was particularly charming. She would leave me messages like, “Moon Girl #1, this is Moon Girl #2. You know what that means. Look up tonight.” She was always the first person that I would think of when I looked at the moon. I would wonder if she saw it that night and if she thought of me too. I even made a playlist for her of only songs that mention the moon.

When I first really understood that she was going to die, my first thought was the moon – the fact that we will always have that. I will always have that. In the 2 and a half months since she passed I have seen some of the most spectacular moons of my life. I have also gotten the opportunity to share with other people my love for the moon. In my mind I understand that Suz is not controlling the moon, but in my heart it feels like a communication that we have with each other. There is this feeling that if the moon is still there above me, I will never really be alone.

So to Moon Girl #2 I have seen the moon. I have been looking up – almost every night and when I do I always say, “Hi Suz” as if you are really there in front of me.

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  1. said:

    That is the best story, filled with sooo much love!

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