Coast to Coast


L:  What are you thinking in terms of Halloween costumes this year?

F: You know how much us Feighan’s love Halloween! Well first thing’s first, we are having a Halloween Party. Albert is pretty excited as he wants to have a candy eating contest. He is having a hard time finding any takers. As far as costumes, I like to keep it a surprise.

L:  If you could make one change/enhancement to your apartment, what would it be?

F: Make everything white!!

L:  How’s the surf lately?

F: I haven’t gotten up on the board in a very long time. By the end of the day (when we surf) I feel tired and just like laying on my board in the water.

L:  What comedian are you most into these days?

F: I am so into Kristin Wig. She is my most favorite.

L:  If we were going to fly and meet somewhere this weekend, where would you want to go?

F: Hawaii or Iceland. Or I would be happy just to see you coming down your building’s stairs in NYC while I waited for you to let me in.

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