Tuesday Doings

photo 1 (28)

FORGING a new path.  Yesterday was my last day at the job I’ve had for close to eight years.  I’m taking some time off over the next few months and am excited about things to come!

SNAGGING a pre-release vinyl copy of the new Monster Rally collaboration with Jay Stone.  Listen to the album’s first track here & don’t overlook peeping that cover art!

GETTING by with a little help from my friends (and family). #strengthinnumbers


photo 2 (30)

BLASTING the Amelie Soundtrack. It is the first thing I listen to when I am trying to get work done. It has been my go-to for years. Listen here.

LIFTING weights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and killing it. Hit me up if you want to know my workout routine which was created by my trainer, Albert Cook.

PONDERING the universe, space and time and all that is in-between.


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