Pass It On



We are starting a new weekly round-up of articles, videos, websites and other know-how that has recently captured our attention.  We hope you find something you like and pass it on!

1) Lena Dunham gives great advice (via Cup of Jo)  We both watched ALL 12 of these videos and could have watched more.

2) Matthew O’Reilly “Am I dying? The honest answer. (via TED)  Short, sweet and to the point. We all want to be remembered, forgiven and have a life of meaning.

3) Shots of Awe – “The Urge to Merge: Why We Crave Intimacy”   Is there anything more to say? Our urge to become one. Do you feel it too?

4) Lingered Upon   My friend at work sent me this blog and I just love the photography. I love anything that reminds me to take more photographs.

5) 11 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Really Awesome Love (via Huffington Post) ‘Cause who doesn’t want that?!

6) Fall Plant Care (via The Sill) Dust the leaves and other solid tips to sustain your green friends through the changing season.

7) Bourdain Goes Bronx (via WNYC) “Parts Unknown” goes local and Bourdain has mixed feelings about it.

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