Coast to Coast

photo (2)

V.I.P., 2014 by Cordy Ryman

F: Have you had any meaningful conversations this week?

L: Definitely! I have been keeping myself pretty busy lately and have had evening plans with friends almost every day since I’ve been back in NYC. What I have found particularly meaningful are instances in which friends have acknowledged some of the loss I’ve experienced lately and are willing to listen to me talk about it. I feel pretty lucky to have as many people care about me as I do & it makes me want to be a better friend in return.

F: What is something that you have learned over the past couple of weeks?

L: When you have the opportunity to see someone you love on their deathbed, go.

F: Show me a picture out of your window.

L: Lots of activity down below!

photo (1)

F: What are you looking forward to?

L: My future! I have a lot of ideas for some creative pursuits and partnerships and I’m going to spend the next phase of life trying to materialize them. It feels exciting.

F: What is your desktop background and why?

L: I’ve been rocking this pretty lady for some time, ’cause I like her moves!


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