Coast to Coast

photo (9)

F:  Can you please share with us what you have been listening to?

L: I’ve been feeling in a musical rut lately so I’ve been revisiting a lot of classics.  I’ve also been enjoying this old Henry Threadgill album.

F:  I know you have been staying at a friends place for the past week or so, what is your favorite part about it?

L:  Yes, I’ve been staying at my friend’s awesome apartment for the past week and a half while they’re out of town.  It is a gorgeous place right on the water.  Pretty much every rooftop photo I’ve posted over the last year or two has been from their rooftop (including the photo above).  My favorite part is being right on the river.  It is really interesting to watch all the activity on the water, plus everything just feels really calm and peaceful up there.  The apartment itself is also bigger, airier and all around nicer than mine so I’m generally enjoying all of those things.  It’s been really good for me to have a change in my daily routine.  I like being in a different neighborhood and feel a little bit like I’m on vacation.  I’m going to be sorry to see my stay there come to an end.  Luckily I have a few more days before I head home!

F:  Now that your painting lessons are over, will you take another class of some sort?

L:  I think I will.  I’d like to take another class in the fall.  I think I’ll stick with oil painting for now, though I’m curious to try out acrylics and watercolors too.

F:  Are the fall trends starting yet? Have you seen any changes?

L:  Hmm.  I feel like I always fall short on answering your NYC fashion questions (no pun intended but I’m happy it happened!).  I’m seeing some women in somewhat slouchy, cropped trousers.  There are also still a lot of skirts/dresses being paired with ankle or tied-up distressed boots.  Up until the last couple of days it’s actually felt like fall but we’re back to hot summer weather so I think people will be trying to get a few more of their summer pieces in before Labor Day.

F:  Have you been watching any movies lately? Any good ones?

L:  I have been watching some movies lately as my friends also have a projector and movie channels at their place.  I watched Dead Poet’s Society the other night, which I’d never seen before.  I also rewatched Moonrise Kingdom, which I enjoyed much more the second time around.  I started Gravity but turned it off after about 20 minutes; in addition to being generally stressful to watch, the damsel-in-distress nature of Sandra Bullock’s character really annoyed me.  I just don’t believe that someone who has been trained to carry out a mission in outer space would lack so much confidence and be so overly apologetic as Bullock’s character is in the beginning of the movie.

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