Coast to Coast

The avocado tree outside of my office

The avocado tree outside of my office

L:  Hey! What’s up with you this week? 

F:  Oh, hey!! This week has been busy at work. I had a crazy migraine yesterday which left me a bit bedridden. Today and Friday our office is being used for a bachelor party (believe it or not!) so my friends and I decided to work from Palm Springs! It’s so fun and spontaneous.

L:  Have you seen anything good online lately? 

F:  I mean, it’s the internet! We are getting bombarded by data and images all day long. It is pretty rare that there is anything good. However, when I was trying to make a little special someone laugh recently, I stumbled upon this gem:

L:  What color nail polish did you get on your toes this week?

F:  When in doubt, I always go to the trusty Essie Shearling Darling.

L:  Do you ever think about getting a pet?

F:  We watched Oscar for around 3 weeks and a friend’s dog in-between. There were times when I thought I was excited to be dog-less. There were times that I loved having a dog. I guess the answer is that I do think about it. A lot.

L:  What is the hardest thing about surfing?

F:  Wow. I am not sure how I could pick. I think the hardest park is wiping out time and time and time and time again. It is completely exhausting. For me, it is very clear that guys have stronger upper body strength than women, so in a way I feel at a disadvantage. Those are the two hardest parts for me. It has motivated me to continue building my upper body strength “off the board.”

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  1. thefolia said:

    Viva la avocado tree! I recently planted a few avocado plants (I have been growing them from seed). I can’t wait ’till they fruit! Happy Nesting.

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