It’s Working

I think I told you before that I have been going to meditation on Monday nights at a Buddhist center. I have come to find this to be one of my favorite activities throughout the week. I am always eager to hear the topic of the day and excited to listen to whichever teacher speaks. The teacher tonight was the founder of Against the Stream, Noah Levine, and was my favorite so far. The theme was not so specific, but more general in asking why we meditate and what we can expect. It is an always welcome reminder to me not to stop meditating – to keep practicing every day. The reason that we all meditate is to help us cope, deal and detach from suffering. Most people are brought to this practice to lessen pain. For me, it has truly helped lessen a discomfort in life. It has given me a tool that gets me through in a smoother and more peaceful way. These reminders might seem redundant and simple, but they are usually the best ones. Just keep on keeping on with whatever you do to make yourself better. It’s subtle, but it’s working. Trust that.

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