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The past couple of Monday nights, I have started to go to a Buddhist meditation center.  Every week they have a different teacher and topic that we discuss after mediation.

This week, there was a Buddhist monk who spoke. She was a really powerful teacher and there are a couple of things that I have thought about since:

The first is that your quality of life is a result of where you put your attention. 

She also told us that the mind repeats 3 patterns:

  • There is something wrong – with me, with you, with the world, etc.
  • There is not enough – money, friendship, kindness, time, energy, etc
  • I need to be doing something – the dishes, becoming famous, make more money, etc

There have been a couple times this week where I have become aware of these patterns. I have also noticed how I seek out things that continue this pattern.

It’s definitely something worth being mindful of.

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