Coast to Coast


L: Do you have a five year plan?

F: No way!  I mean, I save money as much as I can. In that way, there is some financial planning.  Other than that, I have no plans.  Wanna schedule some time? I am wide open!

L: What’s the most fun thing you’ve done lately?

F: My first surf lesson was so fun.  It was hard, demanding, scary and fun.  It was the kind of fun where you fear for your life.  That’s the best kind!

L: How have you been motivating yourself lately to stick with morning yoga?  

F: Lately, I have had two different adults tell me to never stop working out because once you do, it is harder to start.  That has been a big motivation.  If I feel this sore when I wake up now, how in the world will I feel as the years pass.  Another motivation is how amazing I feel after I stretch it out. I just feel alert, awake and ready for the day.  Oh and did I mention surfing?!

L: Are you reading, watching, listening to anything interesting?

F: Yes, yes, yes and yes!

I am reading my lovely friend Kaya’s proof copy of her novel The Karma Dairies. I am so deeply proud of my friend for writing such amazing stories. She has so much talent and so much to offer the world. These books will be in a store near you soon, trust me.

I am watching tons of surf movies. I just watched Surfwise last night. It is documentary of a man who raised all 9 of his kids to surf. It was interesting.

I am listening to Dirty Three. It is great to work to.

L: Do you like spending time by yourself?

F: I do like it. Honestly, I am rarely ever alone. I do like it though. I don’t exactly NEED it.

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  1. Terri Ring – These are just beautiful! I can’t wait to see the whole album. What a spiecal evening, and your photos will help us all remember it. Terri, Carrie’s Mom

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