Coast to Coast

IMG_5081L:  What are some nicknames people have for you?

F:  FiFi, Fay Fay, For Real, PH, F

L:  Have you ever seen a shark in person?

F:  H to the ELL no! Actually maybe when I was little at an aquarium.

L:  Are you keeping up with the news these days? Do you have related thoughts you’d like to share?

F:  I am keeping up with the news way more than I would like to. I would say that I have an obsession with checking in on the Israel/Gaza conflict. One of my beautiful cousins/friends is in Israel with her baby and husband and it is rocking my world that they are there in such a hard time. I feel so very lucky to have gone to the Middle East and seen where this is all taking place. I feel comforted in the fact that I can imagine where they are and who they know there.

I am sad for the people of Gaza and I am sad for the people in Israel. All of these being are human beings with hearts and feelings and family and hopes. I want the best for the world and this conflict is not serving any higher good.

L: What is something you’re looking forward to?

F:  Since my trip the East coast is behind me, I have been feeling a bit bummed. I am trying to be excited about simple things like going to meditation tonight, getting together with my friends for brunch on Sunday or taking a surf lesson soon. It’s the little things.

L:  What shoes are you wearing right now?

F:  Girl, I am in SoCal. I am barefoot!

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