Coast to Coast


L: How is it being home?

F: It’s been so nice. I already feel like it’s over and it’s just begun. I’ve seen family, friends and spent some time at Mommom’s beach house.

L: Have you been listening to much music lately?  If so, what?

F: We have just been listening to DMC albums lately. However, we did blast Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club and it was amazing as per usual.

L: I hear (from you) that you started hula-hooping.  How’s it going?

F: Oh man, hula hooping was my jam, until I got the worst bruise after going for an hour and a half. I won’t show you mine, but it’s nuts.

L: Do you have a good face mask recommendation?

F: My friend Kaya uses this one and it’s amazing!!!!

L: What is a quote, motto, affirmation or saying that resonates with you right now?

F: Try to have fun and don’t spread yourself too thin. Ask for help when you need it.

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