Coast to Coast

Lovers through the trees - Central Park

Lovers through the trees – Central Park

F:  How do you cope with stress?

L:  I’m pretty much a crier so overwhelming feelings of any sort generally bring me to tears.  Other than that, when I’m really stressed out I try to remember that nothing is permanent and whatever scenario I’m facing will be different with time.

F:  Have there been any lasting habits or changes you have made since the Clean Cleanse in January (it’s ok if there aren’t)?

L:  Unfortunately, I don’t think there are.  I really felt so good about doing the cleanse and experiencing such a level of health and balance in my body.  But as they say, old habits die hard.

F:  What is your favorite summer cocktail/drink?

L:  I’m on a pretty heavy Rosé kick these days.  Delicious and refreshing.

F:  Are you reading anything, yet?!

L: I am!  Recently finished this John Sarno and Paul Arden book (highly recommend the Arden book for anyone looking for a little career – or life – inspiration).  Now I’m making my way through this set of Nora Ephron’s essays and The Diary of Anais Nin.


F:  What is a creative outlet for you?

L:  This is actually something I’ve struggled with for most of my life & think my life will feel much better once I have identified it.  For now all sorts of little things serve as creative outlets: playing dress up in my own closet, rearranging my apartment, taking pictures, doing a little writing from time to time.  I guess like anyone, sometimes I feel like I’m on a real creative kick and other times I wouldn’t know from where to begin to draw.  C’est la vie, ma chère sœur. 

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