Coast to Coast

Marina in Santa Barbara

Marina in Santa Barbara

L: Do you think I should start watching Game of Thrones?

F: I think pretty much anyone who has two eyes and an interest in being entertained would love Game of Thrones. It is somewhat of a fantasy world which is not my normally my thing, but this show is golden.

L: What was your favorite part about our family vacation?

F: My favorite part of our family vacation was having margaritas in bed and then having a congo line down to the living room and playing Salad Bowl and eating pizza.

L:  Do you have any plant care tips?

F: I have been involved in plant parenthood for a while now. My best tip is: never forget to re-pot your plants. Your plant can only grow as big as you let it.

L:  If you were able to grow facial hair, how would you style it?

F: article-2643824-1E54114400000578-829_634x890Image found here

L:  Have a parting picture you’d care to share?


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