Coast to Coast


F:  Is there anything in LA that you would like to do when you are here?

L:  Hmm…I’m pretty excited to just chill with you and the rest of our family!  I’m down for whatever really.

F:  Do you have any big trips planned for the rest of this year?

L:  I actually just booked a trip to Cartegena for July.  Pretty pumped about that!

F:  Do you like doing puzzles?

L:  Yeah, I do.  I don’t do them often but it’s a totally satisfying activity, in my opinion.  I find them somewhat annoying to get started but once you have the boarders in place, I’m into it.

F: Have you pulled an Osho card recently? If not, why don’t ya and share it here.

L:  Osho changed its site so now you have to have a user name, etc. to pull a card.  Instead I pulled one through this site and I got The Chariot: “This is a card of logic and strength. The young man in the chariot is the type who can conquer arduous logical, and physical, tasks. He is strong willed, and eager to move in any direction that might offer him a challenge, and is willing to travel great distances…”


F:  Are you reading anything lately? I know you always say no, but I am always interested. It could even be an article.

L:  I thought this post that I recently read, “Side projects are the new resume,” was really interesting.

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  1. mom said:

    the perfect card!

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