Coast to Coast

Albert in his happiest of places: The Getty at dusk

Albert in his happiest of places: The Getty at dusk

L: I miss you!

F: I miss you too. So much. Every day. All the time. I loved having you in my every day life. It seems like it flew by, doesn’t it?

L: What did you have for lunch today?

F: Today I had a salad with olives, onions, chickpeas and avocado. It is what I usually have every day. 

L: What’s your favorite show tune?

F: Oh, girl! No you didn’t! That is an impossible question to answer.  While I sing this one a lot: 

the first show tune I ever truly loved is:

L: You’re always playing beach volleyball. Are you pretty good?

F: I would say, for me, beach volleyball is something I am pretty good at. When I compare myself to others (never good), I know I could use some practice. Once I can spike and set the ball – which is all volleyball is about – then I will be better. 

L: Are you doing anything special or Memorial Day weekend?

F. Yes! Amy (Albert’s sister and my lovely friend) is coming for the weekend. We will hike, beach it and take many pictures. It’s going to be great. She always cracks me up.

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