Coast to Coast

photo (97)

F: Have you ever been to Mexico? If yes, what was your experience?

L: When I was a senior in high school I told mom that my friends and I wanted to go to Florida for spring break. Clearly unaware of its reputation for debauchery she responded, “Why not go to Cancun or somewhere like that?!” I could hardly believe my ears and jumped at the suggestion. It was a fun, though pretty disgusting trip.

F: Show us a picture of New York in bloom.

L: Ha! Well I took that picture above before even getting to this question. It’s been pretty pretty flower wise in New York & on Columbia’s campus where I work.

F: What are your summer-ish plans for this weekend?

L: Am hoping on a trip out of dodge. We’ll see…

F: What is one look that you would love to rock, but you are scared to?

L: I really like these patterned, high waisted skirt/cropped top looks I’m seeing lately; but I’d have to be in the right frame of mind, with the right place to go, to wear one.

(photo via here)

F:  What is the last thing you watched that entertained you?

L: Got down with some classic Crank Yankers a couple nights ago.  Pretty raunchy so I’m not going to link to the one I watched but it was funny.

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