Happy Mother’s Day


There are endless reasons why I love my mother. My love I have for her has grown more and more over the years and I imagine that it will continue on that way. My mom has been through a lot. A lot of wonderful experiences and a couple hard ones. I never realized until I was older that she was trying with all her might to show up for the hard times with love. She was and is determined to see the reasons and lessons behind every struggle. And to see that in action as I have gone from child, teenager and now as a woman is miraculous. Sure, she is coming in a week and she drives me bananas, but she really finds meaning in life. I now value that same thing.

As I was getting ready for a party that I had at my place last night, I was thinking about my mom. Although she swears hosting was passed down through my dad’s side of the family, it’s not true. My mom is the queen of throwing things together. In turn, I love to bring people together. I wish I could say that I throw things together, but I am more of a planner. That is besides the point. The point is: the most important thing my mother could have passed down was bring people you love together. It’s those times that last with you for weeks after. It makes life fun. It’s good to connect.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You are pretty great.


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  1. Mom said:

    Thank you honey. I can wait to see you. We’ll see if you feel the same after I’m there a few days!😩

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