One Word, Two Ways: Point

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(image via here)

I took ballet for a long time when I was young. I remember the feel of point shoes on my feet, the strength and wear needed to make them arch and the extra height they give.  It always amazed me that actual ballerinas would wear fully through a pair of point shoes in one evening’s performance.  This video goes into the custom making of point shoes for professional dancers.  Soft pink statin elongating perfectly toned legs of a ballerina simply creates such an stunning and elegant visual.

New York City Ballet “Pointe Shoes” from Galen Summer on Vimeo.



(Image found here)

Every summer when I was little, we went to America’s best rollercoaster theme park, Cedar Point. Since this week has felt so much like the summers in the Mid-West, I have been thinking about sweet, sweet Cedar Point. Just look at that image. Rollercoaster’s on the water?! Heck yeah!



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