Coast to Coast

photo (16)

L:  How are you?

F: I am currently sitting at the DMV and am surprised by how fine I feel considering I have been here for 2 hours.

L: Do you have any good tips for staying organized?

F: Hmm. We all know I love organization. I would say that my first tip is to stop saving everything! Get rid of things all the time. My second tip would be cute boxes, shelves and drawers to keep things in throughout the house.

L: What is something you’re trying to cultivate more of in your life?

F: I am actively trying to be more creative. Last night , I told David (the older of our two brother) and Albert that I have always loved cutting things with scissors because it makes me feel like I am being artistic but really i am just being a control freak 😉

L:  If we had a sister band, what kind of music do you think we’d make?

F: I feel like we would really fight so hard between being super emo and dance pop-ish. I think in the end we would settle on dance music because we understand its importance. I imagine a keyboard senerio a with lots of bright colors.

L:  What’s a memorable meal you’ve eaten recently?

F: This is hilarious timing because a man asked me to text him when his number was coming up like 2 hours ago. I thought it was a pretty whack request but my mid-western politeness said ok. He just showed up with a plastic bag of food for me that smells so strong and insisted that I take it. I haven’t looked in the bag yet and am pretty sure I won’t be eating it. Nice gesture though.

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