Day 6

photo (13)

There was one day this week that I felt angry and aggressive. It wasn’t towards anyone or anything in particular. I was just agitated and tired. I had had enough of everything. I snapped at my sister, was short with people and ended up going home early. I wasn’t used to feeling those feelings and it felt uncomfortable. I was fully aware in the moment that I was cleansing and it will pass. I wasn’t over-thinking it. It just was and I felt it.

There has been somewhat of a calm after that day. My thoughts have been running less and less and I find that I want to be alone or somewhere quiet and calm. This whole week has been a welcome surprise because I am not “myself” but it feels nice to feel these things and feel this way.

I know I am not saying much or really going anywhere with this. I think I am just realizing today that it is good to feel things fully so they don’t hide away inside of you and pop back up when you least expect it. It was nice to feel angry and then it was nice to not be anymore.


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