My Five Senses

9318b6a718f931966109b8f6cd88b4e7(Image found here)


Level Naturals is a downtown LA based all natural product company that I have fallen deeply in love with. Their Mission Fig & Lychee candle is one of the best I’ve smelled in a while.



I made and taste tested all of the smoothies in this GOOP magazine and ever since I have been craving them. The chai gingerbread shake is the freakin’ best!

Also, homemade sweet potato fries are amazing.



CV Skinlab’s has become one of my favorite effective and chemical free companies. Their calming moisture feels insanely soft when I put in on. It is the best part of my early morning routine.



I have happened to listen to this Fresh Air interview with David ‘Russell many times. As you may know, he directed American Hustle. I always find it fascinating to learn about a filmmaker’s point of view.



Sunday accidentally/happily became documentary day and I pounded out: The Square, an inspiring and chilling documentary about a group of Egyptian revolutionaries. It’s the real deal. I also watched Mitt, which is a documentary about Mitt Romney and I highly recommend it.

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