Coast to Coast

L:  What are the top couple of values that are most important to you?

F: Well, well, well. Aren’t we just getting down to business.

Numero uno: Family/Relationships – That’s kind of all that really matters to me.

Numero dos: Humor/Hilariousness – Nothing is better than being around someone who is easily amused and who is amusing. I just love it.

Numero tres: Being openminded – I know I am only 28 years old, but life is crazy and you never know what’s gonna happen next.

L: What is your favorite dance move?

F:  The Worm, obviously.

L:  Did you watch any of the Olympics?

F: Hell yeah, girl! I watched the louge, skiing and ice skating. It feels important to mention that what I caught, I always happened upon accidentally. AND, I watched The Price of Gold which is a documentary about the Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan controversy. I recommend it.

L:  What website would you say you go to the most these days?

F: I know the in’s and out’s of more than I ever thought I would know a website. I know the front end and the back end. It’s just bananas what goes into buying and selling products through a website. Otherwise, I am trying to kick my Facebook habit.

L:  Tell me a memory.

Remember when I first moved to NYC? I was 22 and you were 27. I lived with you for a couple of months while I waitressed and you worked. That was one of my favorite times in my life. Thank you for convincing me to move there.


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