Coast to Coast

photo 1
F: What are you most looking forward to during the Spring?

L: I’m looking forward to not having the weather almost completely dictate all of my outfit choices.

F: Do you have any vacations planned this year?

L: I don’t have anything set but I certainly have some ideas!

F: What is your favorite song lately?

L: I’ve been binging on the song by James Vincent McMorrow that I posted the other day. I’ve also been reacquainting myself with this bad boy, after being reminded of it in the pilot episode of Transparent that you sent me.


F: What is your favorite accessory lately?

L:  Pretty much the only accessories in my life these days:

photo 2

F: Wanna share a little bit about

L: Well, I hadn’t really planned on it but since you’re asking… Our brother David’s unique Christmas gift to each of us this past year was the purchase of our own domain names. I finally started playing around with my site over the weekend, creating a standard Tumblr page at this point. You can check it out here, if that’s of interest to you.

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