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feel good

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January is a month so many of us are working to set healthy routines and practices in various areas of our lives.  This is apparent not only in my own daily life but in my email inbox as well.  Lately, many newsletters to which I subscribe have been sprinkling a range of healthy tips and inspirational messages my way so I thought I’d share a few of the ones I’ve found most helpful with you.  Cheers to a happy and healthy weekend!

1) Skin Brushing (via Clean)

“Use a stiff bristled dry skin brush and spend a few minutes brushing your body in an upward, circular motion before your morning or evening shower. Skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, helping you to release and eliminate more toxins. It also makes your skin soft and invigorates the whole body.”

2) Vitamin and Supplement Cheat Sheet (via GOOP)

3) The two best places to channel your addictive energy (via Healthy Crush)

4) Mindfulness reminder from Dad:

Most of the time we are occupied with our own thoughts–thinking about what has happened in the past or imagining what might happen in the future.  Many of us live most of our lives on autopilot. Through mindfulness we develop the capacity to become more aware of what is happening in our lives as they are unfolding.  And we do this without coloring it with our judgments, fears, hopes, or fantasies.

By reducing distractions, mindfulness helps us focus our attention, enabling us to directly experience what is happening right here, right now.

After all, nothing ever happens in the past or the future.  “Now” is the only time where our lives unfold.  The only moment when we are alive.

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