Coast to Coast


F: How is your cleanse going?

L:  I think I’m pretty obsessed with the whole thing, to be honest.  I’m on Day 8 of following this cleanse diet for lunch and having Clean smoothies for breakfast and dinner.  Overall, I think it’s going well.  I think about it all day long and am somewhat amazed that I’m really doing it.  I feel good.

F: What have you learned about yourself in the month of January?

L:  I can do it!  Haha.  Kidding.  Kind of.

F: Who is YOUR favorite artist?

L:  Nearly impossible question, I admit.  I’ve always loved this mural by Julie Mehretu that I read about in The New Yorker but I don’t know any of her other work.

F:  What is your preferred form of exercise and are you doing it?

L:  Yoga is the only type of “exercise” I’ve ever done consistently, though not so much recently.  In the last couple of years I’ve realized that I really like hiking but it’s not something I have the opportunity to do very often.

F:  What are you reading? Listening to?

L:  I’m still slowly reading these two books and am now also reading Clean.  I need to commit to one and start wrapping then up.  I haven’t been listening to a ton of music this week though I have listened to the most recent James Blake album a few times.  It’s right for when it’s right.

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