Take A Hike


I woke up this Saturday morning feeling restless. I spent the morning looking for getaways, hotel deals and Southern California day trips. I was crawling in my skin with unease. I always feel tired. I don’t spend enough time outside. These were the type of thoughts that were at the top of my mind.

I convinced Albert to go to Swizter Falls in Angeles National Park. The falls were supposed to be amazing. It was going to be great!

After a whole rigmarole trying to get a day pass and almost turning back, we started our hike.

When we finally arrived at the waterfalls, it was kind of a bust. We sat by the water for a while and watched a mother and son take hundreds of pictures jumping in front of the waterfall and I really kind of came to thinking.

It’s never about where you are trying to go. Goals are fantastic and get you to where you want to be. But, it’s the people you come across and the things you see and do that really make you feel alive.

The waterfall was great and all but the journey was where it was at.

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