Coast to Coast


Facetime with my favorite Californian hand puppets!

F: Did you learn anything about yourself on your most recent trip to Thailand?

L:  I already knew this but I was reminded that I can’t really absorb information about a place before I get there.  Guide books and maps mean nothing to me until I’m sitting in the place and can figure out what I want to do from there.

F:  Were there any noteworthy lessons that came up while you were halfway around the world?

L:  There were almost no Thai people in the areas we went (minus people working in tourism and hospitality), only western tourists.  I’m not sure what the lesson is there, specifically, but it’s something I didn’t notice much at first and then thought a lot about once I’d been there longer.

F:  What was your favorite thing we did in Cleveland for Christmas?

L: Ah, seems so long ago!  I really enjoy the dirty Santa gift exchange we’ve starting doing on Christmas Eve.

F:  Do you have any resolutions?

L:  I decided to use the word aspiration instead of resolution this year.  One such aspiration of mine is to read more.

F:  Is it cold there?

L. Oh yeah! Warming up over the weekend though, so that’s something.

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