Coast to Coast

photo (12)

L: Do you have anything exciting coming up?

F: I have a busy January with work. People love to cleanse in January. In a way, that is exciting.

L: What’s your favorite outdoor sport?

F: Beach volleyball baby!

L: What’s something you learned over the holiday season?

F: Never underestimate getting enough sleep.

Also, people change. They really do. It is never too late.

L:  If you could be an amazingly talented dancer, singer or musician,
which would you choose?

F: I think Beyonce is such a badass, amazing woman. She is fun, smart, thoughtful, spiritual, sensual and beautiful.

L:  When is the last time you laughed really hard?

F: We played Cards Against Humanity at dinner last night with multiple generations and there were some insanely sick things you had to say out loud. It was hilarious and awkward.

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