Mothers Know Best

In addition to all the guidance and wisdom Farrell and I have received from the “moms” in our lives, they have each been gracious enough to put some of their life lessons into writing (or we’ve done it without their knowledge – i.e. our grandmother) and share it with all of us here.  We hope you’ll take a glance back at these tips for living, these ladies know what’s up.

image– Our grandmother is 96 years old. She is the queen of getting herself out of tough conversations and giving responses that say everything and nothing at all.  These are her best responses…(read more)

– Suzanne has been one of our mother’s best friends since graduate school and is basically our third parent. She moved into our home the day Lauren (the oldest of the four of us) was born and lived with us for thirteen years.  She was there for every birthday, knee scratch and first day of school. Just like any other parent, she helped mold me into the person I am today.  What can I say, she is the best.  When we were growing up, every time we said goodbye to Suz, she would tell us, “Trust in yourself. Do what’s right.”   I asked Suz about her biggest life lessons; this is what she had to say…(read more)

– Our mother shares that her biggest challenge is to…(read more)

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