Coast to Coast

The sunset last night

The sunset last night

L:  Have you read anything good lately?

F: I have been so excited to share about the new book that I am reading. I will eventually dedicate a whole post to it because I am learning so much. It is called Woman Code by Alisa Vitta. This book goes deeper into balancing your hormones and maintaining optimal health. Here is one thing I have learned since reading: women who wear makeup absorbs up to 5 pounds of chemicals a year.
L:  How do you feel about the approaching holiday season?
F: I hate to say this, but the holidays kind of stress me out.  Well, I wouldn’t say stress exactly, overwhelm might be a better word. Christmas is really my favorite holiday because it is always awesome, however the planning that leads up to that day can be a bit much for me.
L:  Want to draw picture of something, take a picture of it and show us?
F: Not really, no. Thanks for offering though.
L:  Name one thing you love about L.A., Cleveland and NYC:
F:  Los Angeles: The bright sunshine
New York City: The energy
Cleveland: The lake
L:  What music are you listening to these days?

F:  I have been listening to these songs on repeat:
I’ve been in a weird mood.

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