Coast to Coast

The sunset on my run after work.

The sunset on my run after work.

L:  What’s your favorite item in your purse?

F: That is a hard question to answer but I would say, currently, it is Tata Harper’s Nutrient Complex. I apply it a couple times a day to my face and it really hydrates my situation. I recommend her line to everyone!

L:  What are your thoughts about vegetarianism these days?

F: I look back on my 10 years of vegetarianism and 3 years of veganism and I feel like I could have done so much better. Vegetarianism is a journey, as anything is. I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone. If you want to eliminate meat, do your research and make a plan. I still stand by a whole foods diet, whether meat is involved or not.
L:  What are some random photos you have on your phone?
photo (2)
I love me some Gilly

I love me some Gilly

photo (4)
L:  Have you seen any good movies lately?

F: I watched “The Kids Are All Right and it was so good. That movie is done so well. I loved the acting, the naturalness, the awkwardness and the dialogue. I enjoyed every minute.
L:  Anything else on your mind?

F: I got 12 hours of sleep last night and I am wondering if its possible to get too much sleep. When I sleep like that, I wake up with a mild headache and today I don’t feel 100%. I feel foggy headed and tired. What’s up with that?

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