Coast to Coast

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F:  What was something that inspired you lately?

L:  I heard something about how envy of another person can be an indication to yourself about something you want to cultivate in your own life.  I like this concept.

F: Do you think you could live off the grid for a year? If no, why not, yo?

L:  Hmm, entirely off the grid?!  That question makes me think about the documentary “No Impact Man” about the family that tries to live without making any environmental impact for an entire year.  I guess if I was really motivated to try something that extreme, I could do it.  I think I would be more likely to work towards a better balance in this regard.  I’m definitely addicted to my phone and would benefit from disconnecting a bit.

F: How old do you consider to be old?

L:  Yikes.  I think I started to feel old around 25 and then even more so at 30.  I’m not currently feeling super old but I’m starting to realize it is really is more about your current circumstance and condition.

F: What is one of your favorite words to say and why?

L:  Ohhh, I have so many but it’s really hard to come up with one on the spot.  I like the words array and panoply a lot.  Maybe I’ll start making a list of my favorite words and get back to you on them.

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