Optimize life, be yourself!

Today’s post comes to us courtesy of our very own mama!  This lady knows what’s up so read on.

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Lately I’ve come to the realization that everyone is absolutely essential. It is one of those realizations that you know in your bones/heart is true. How or why I came to this conclusion I’m not sure, part of the journey I guess.

Everyone is an essential piece of the whole, irreplaceable. We bring our own unique makeup, gifts, skills, personality, potential; a perfect fit into the jigsaw puzzle of life. This jigsaw puzzle is multi-dimensional, universal, infinite and alive. Like all puzzles it’s not complete without all of the pieces. And since this puzzle is a living organism, what we individually bring is not only necessary but invaluable to the whole.

This realization also points out the ridiculous and time wasting practice of comparing ourselves to others, wanting to be something we are not. If we are not ourselves then who will be? Not only that, but if we are unique and essential to all of life, then isn’t it our job, purpose and meaning in life to be our best selves, fully, all out, beautifully ourselves?

Like our cells, the more healthy we are, the more functional the body, the more the body can do amazing things. Imagine what it would be like if everyone in humanity was living a full healthy expression of themselves. You are a vast universe, go exploring!
Infinite love and gratitude for being you.

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  1. Nick said:

    I love sweet baby ddeani, she is great.

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