Coast To Coast

yoga-catL:  Animal.

F:  I hate cats with a passion. I also have a deep fear of them.  I also think pictures of cats doing yoga are kind of funny.

L:  Mineral.

F:  I am down with crystals, mostly because Mom uses them at parties and such to show people their energy fields using a pendulum over their palm.

L:  Vegetable.

F. I am so in love with brussel sprouts. I am not sure if I have expressed this on this forum, but I would like to tell you here and now that I am in love with brussel spouts. Who’s with me?!

L:  Motivational.

F:  My teammate (co-worker) was talking to me about your bliss-aplines. Essentially, these are your disciplines that keep you blissful. If they aren’t balanced and prioritized, nothing else is.

L:  Aspirational.

F:  I want to start to have serious and intense yoga practice again. Who’s with me?!

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