Hair Ye, Hair Ye


(image via here)

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to grow out my hair.  After cutting it short almost three years ago, I’m ready to revisit my long curls again.  However, as any girl who has ever made this transition knows, there are some awkward stages along the way.  I’ve been holding out on getting a trim for weeks because what starts as an effort to “clean up the ends” always turns into leaving the salon with a cut that’s feels like I’m starting back at square one.  Nevertheless, I think I’ve hit my breaking point and if someone doesn’t take some scissors to this head in short order, I’ll be all too ready to dress up as Cameron Diaz in “Being John Malkovich” for Halloween.  But until that day comes, aren’t these ladies providing great inspiration for ways to manage some overgrown locks?!

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